opening ceremony

it just so happens that the launch of this blog coincides with the opening ceremony for the 2012 olympic games. so, while the world tunes in to the spectacle unfolding at the stadium in stratford, i sit drumming my fingers on a desk wondering what to type. i really should get a tv licence…

anyways, unlike the games, this blog is not the result of years of planning, fanfare and hype. my audience for this post is likely to number 2 (lucky family members drafted in to vet readability).

fanfare and hype: crowds doing the ‘phone salute to a torch bearer in trafalgar square, 26 july 2012

that said, it is all mine and i am giddy as a monkey in a cake shop to be putting it out there. i have no real clue what i’m doing or even what specifically i’m going to talk about, which i understand to be somewhat of a fatal flaw in the blogosphere… ah well, i’m not here to make money or influence popular thought, just to share something of myself and my life and my projects with anyone who might happen on by. the time has come to leave the cosy comfort of facebook behind and step out into the harsh, critical reality of the interwebs. so, with husband running tech support, here goes nothing!

 bring it on world, i got grim faced determination!


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