things are hotting up in the kitchen (contest)

when i submitted my entry to the international division of the small cool kitchens contest, i thought it would be a bit of fun. what i was not prepared for was that i was about to become a frantic, obsessed, crazy woman. i’m fairly sure waking at 3am to count and compare votes, strategising on how i might accrue more votes before the americans wake up and start voting for the more traditional entries and repeatedly bugging even the most tenuous of acquaintances to vote, “vote for me now!” is not normal behaviour (to my credit, i did stop short of inflicting an election style flier campaign on my entire apartment block, but only just). although, given husband’s rather calm and unaffected response to my competitive craziness, it seems that perhaps this is normal behaviour for me! eek. 

luckily, my friends and family have taken this insanity in their stride. even my usually apathetic work colleagues were spurred on to defend against a german assault from the rear, fend off the canadian come back and mount an incursion against the netherlands… it occurs to me that this unexpected patriotic spirit coinciding with the start of the olympics in london is not serendipitous. no matter. i will take whatever help i can get to get ahead!

to see what all the fuss is about (and vote, vote, vote for me pleeeeeeeeeeeease) head on over to the kitchnand check out my totally awesome kitchen!


>>> update <<<

3 august 2012

soooo, as feared, germany came a stormin’ up the league table, knocking me off second place. voting in the international division has now closed (there is no finalist vote for us), but apparently mine is a hot entry (i.e. third).  woo hoo!  ;0)

hot entries, the kitchn

actually, i happened to be awake at 4.55am (seriously, it was a total bathroom-needing-fluke… i’m not that crazy), so i know that annie’s charming budget berlin kitchen was only a handful of votes behind maria’s red and cream dutch kitchen just before the voting closed. shame, because i think annie’s was the one to beat, but that’s what happens when a contest is configured to increase hits to the site and not for fairness to the contestants (entries were still being posted on 31 july, just 2 days before the voting ended!). anyway, off my soap box… i came third!!  

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