now we’re cooking

while we’re on the subject of my kitchen… ok so it’s just me keeps banging on about my kitchen… i thought i’d share a bit about how it became the awesome place to bake it is. this is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in:

nothing wrong with it, of course. in fact it was beautiful, shiny and brand-spanking-new with fridge/freezer, washing machine and dishwasher all built in. the only problem was that it was terribly dull. and i do not do dull.

the first course of action was to paint the kick board and add some bookshelves, which all looked grand, but somehow unfinished:

up went some art (up being the operative word!), but the space above the cooker still needed more colour…

…which i think worked particularly well with the matching bamboo holder (although the bamboo looked a tad lonely, especially since we’d killed its mate!). husband suggested a red carnation, but the idea of clambering up there to replace and water cut flowers on a regular basis put paid to that plan. unless…. the flower didn’t have to be real. interwebs to the rescue with multivarious paper flower tutorials. i eventually settled on this one and set to scrunching tissue. 

a small fabric hanging we bought in japan also found the perfect spot to… errrr, hang out. now, doesn’t that make the world of difference?

and of course, no room in our home would be complete without a monkey… or several. this cheeky chimp came from our good pal, emma.

now we have a bright and cheery kitchen in which to make a frightful mess! ;0)


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2 thoughts on “now we’re cooking

  1. Are those bananas real?

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