elephant in the room

if there’s one thing that’ll seal the deal with me when it comes to purchasing, it’s that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your purchase makes a difference to someone else. don’t get me wrong, i’m perfectly happy fulfilling my own materialistic desires, but there is something particularly gratifying about spending money for a good cause… especially when the object of one’s consumerism is a totally awesome and upcycled bag. oh, the good feeling glow just keeps coming!  

moseying on down richmond high street this afternoon, i spotted these beauties hanging in the window of a PopUp Britain shop:

a word on the shop first… PopUp Britain is a venture of StartUp Britain, which in it’s own words is a national campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, harnessing the expertise and passion of Britain’s leading businesspeople to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK.”  

… and one of the first six PopUp Britain businesses is ElephantBranded. you still with me? right, onto the goodies.

ElephantBranded was set up by two friends who became acutely aware of the lack of school equipment in africa and asia whilst travelling and working in the region. not only does manufacture of the bags promote local skills and craft (all bags are handmade in cambodia by local villagers) as well as utilise discarded cement bags, but ElephantBranded sends a school bag to a child in africa or asia for every bag purchased. that’s right, it’s one for one.

wallets and purses are also available from the online shop and (as i was shown by the founders’ friend who was helping out in the shop today) laptop/tablet cases are on their way. multiple purchases can provide a child with a complete school kit.  

so of course i bought my little bag (“it’ll be perfect for the gym” she says with good intentions… “or maybe my go-to overnight bag”) and as if it couldn’t get any better, the fella in the shop tells me it’s pretty much waterproof, which should come in handy when the weather turns on us again. happy days!

taking the tube home ;0)

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4 thoughts on “elephant in the room

  1. sound great were i live in merseyside loads of empty shops so sometimes a pop up shop turns up good idea so wasteful being empty a charity I am involved in the reader org had a shop for a week in the school; holiday and turned i it into a pop up story shop yer i know how good you feel when your puchases actually do something to make a life better !!

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