hung up on driftwood

nothing about this was ever going to be an acceptable landing strip:

those ugly-arse coat hooks had to go. immediately.  

luckily, we had an awesome piece of driftwood lying around, which we picked up in scotland yonks ago and never found a suitable use for… until now.

much ferreting around in a few choice shops turned up these:

from recollection, they came from john lewis, zara home, homebase and source 

… and we were all set to upgrade our coat hooks. although, it turns out that fixing a twisted and weathered piece of driftwood to the wall is a great idea in theory, but not so easy in practice.  

as it was already in the right place, we cannibalised the wood from the original hooks to form a sturdy base and give us some distance from the wall. this allows for the bend in the driftwood and meant we didn’t have to get out the saw to shorten the screw on the larger cupboard knob. to hang the driftwood, we screwed two long screws into what i’m going to call the ‘baseplate’ (because that’s what it looks like it should be called).

you can just see how the screws are screwed into the baseplate at different depths  to accommodate the arc of the driftwood

we then attached keyhole mirror plates to the back of the driftwood.  

each mirror plate had to be bent into just the right position to get the driftwood into a somewhat flat-against-the-wall position once it was hung on the screws protruding from the baseplate. this involved a lot of bodging, some jiggery pokery and no small amount of cursing on husband’s part, while i desperately tried to reassure him it would all be worth it in the end… i hoped. the result: not pretty, but effective!

then for the cupboard knobs. if you’re wondering how you get six cupboard knobs in a straight line on a wonky piece of wood, we placed the two we wanted at either end in the centre of their respective ends. we strung a piece of thread between the two and then spaced the rest along the thread.  

unfortunately, once it was up on the wall, it still clanged about a bit. you can see from the following picture, how much the driftwood bends away from and then back to the wall:

view from below

in fact, on the right hand side (just out of shot in the above photo), the drift wood does actually touch the wall and curve right around the corner of the pillar:

so, to address the wobbling issue, we decided to add more screws at the bottom corners of the baseplate to stabilise the driftwood. we put rubber spacers between the screw heads and the driftwood to stop the screws digging into the back of the driftwood and to give a nice snug fit.

again, viewed from below, you can see the key hole mirror plate from which the driftwood hangs and a stabiliser screw in the bottom corner of the baseplate

 see, it was worth it in the end! ;0)

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5 thoughts on “hung up on driftwood

  1. I want one!

    • sure! find a bit of wood and i’ll get husband to knock one up for you. wait, did you mean the coat hooks or the coat?? ;0)

      • Hehe I meant the coat hook of course 😉 but I’ll take the coat too if you’re offering! Not sure where to get drift wood in the urban streets of sarf London but if I do will be sure to let you know! And also please help me find the pretty knobs 🙂

  2. Really cool! I am jealous over your driftwood find! And the various knobs really make it unique!

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