light fantastic

after my last post, i’m in the mood for something lighter (no pun intended; honestly, i just got that on a proof read!).

so, wanna see this little box of tricks turn into an awesome chandelier?  

lightbulb chandeliers have been doing the rounds in design land for some time now. i suppose if you’ve been off planet, you might have missed the ubiquitous edison chandelier from pottery barn. the wackier tobacco stick chandelier by jeff jones is more likely to have slipped under your radar (unless you happened to find yourself party to a heated debate in a certain comments thread demanding, “why would anyone pay that for sticks?”or declaring, “i could make it myself, not that i’d want to!”). and of course a quick trawl of the internet will turn up a whole raft of homemade varieties, many involving canning jars. anyhow, i wanted to give the lightbulb chandelier thing a go.

now, i’m not one for ripping off designers’ ideas. i fall into the camp that appreciates the effort that went behind the creation, even if the result looks simple and totally diy-able. if i can afford it and i love it, i will buy it. if i can’t, i try to go my own way. so, as much as i actually like the jeff jones, i wanted to do something different. 

ok, back to my box of tricks.

kit list:

  1. three metres of fabric cable
  2. one ceiling rose
  3. three lightbulb holders
  4. three lightbulbs (obviously, but not shown)
  5. one mountain bike disc brake, wrecked by husband on the mountain of hell
  6. one handy husband or other electrically capable individual

the first attempt to hang the disc brake turned out to be a massive fail. i tried to hang the disc from 3 cables, which i wired to some upturned screws to ‘carry’ the disc. alas, the cables never hung straight and it was all too much faff. 

instead, i decided to hang the disc directly from the fabric cable. much less faff! really shoulda thought of that in the first place.  

i marked where the fabric cable was going, then cleaned off all the bike gunk.

i used gold wire to secure the fabric cable. 

i have a bit of a thing for coloured wire, so the somewhat haphazard effect was deliberate. you probably could do it more neatly, but you can’t really see it when it’s up in the air anyway. the benefit of wire over something more permanent is that you can make adjustments once the chandelier is in place, to make sure the disc sits flat.  

then i needed someone who knows what they’re doing to wire it up and stuff. enter handy husband. he cut the fabric cable to different lengths for no other reason than i thought that would look nice (and in retrospect, trying to line up all three lightbulbs would have been a nightmare!).    

a bit more of the wiring thing, in went the funky filament bulbs and… voila!

oh yes, and of course the monkey.

have you tried any fun(ky) lighting projects? i’d love to see your creations!

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2 thoughts on “light fantastic

  1. wow! when I first saw the box of items I wasnt sure what you would be able to make with that! Great job and McGuyvering a light 🙂

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