weekly photo challenge: urban

when i think of urban, i picture the iconic image of a sprawling metropolis as well as the up-close-and-personal vibe of city living often captured in street photography. from expansive cityscapes to intriguing nooks and crannies, such images show us what urban living is all about. 

for this week’s daily post photo challenge, i’ve decided to focus on just one aspect of what urban means to me, mainly because my street photography sucks.

so, sprawling metropolis it is.

tokyo, viewed from the metropolitan government building as the sun sets

and by night

although these two images project very different atmospheres, i think they both aptly demonstrate humankind’s vast cultural, social, economical, and ecological development. they present a backdrop to urban living in the 21st century. 

photos taken (by me) with husband’s trusty point and click lumix, mine having died a death due to repeated exposure to english weather. no special skills were employed, with trusty lumix set to ‘vivid’ and simply held firmly against the window of the observation tower. editing involved cropping and straightening.    

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12 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: urban

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  2. Cool shots… Now which city is this? 🙂

  3. You did indeed capture it!

    • thank you! it’s clear from the other submissions that ‘urban’ means many things to different people, but i like the feel of these photos: quietly standing above all those people, all those lives. not knowing who they are or what they do, think or feel. the anonimity of city life.

  4. These are perfect city views!

  5. I think your approach is very smart.
    Nowadays street photography could cause privacy issue.
    More importantly, I love the 1st one.
    The reflection of sunlight on the building surface looks amazing.
    Great capture!

    • i did actually get into a bit of an argument (ahem, philosophical debate) with a street photographer about this issue recently. you should check out still thrill’s provocative post if you’re interested (i wasn’t very well
      mannered i’m afraid!)…

      anyway, thank you for your comment. i’m glad you like the reflections. i waited ages for the light to be just right to get that shot. i think it has an almost water-like reflective quality. :0)

  6. Stunning view. Great pictures.

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