friday fun: what’s in a sound?

today’s friday fun is inspired by this week’s daily post writing challenge, which is all about creative incorporation of sound in blogging.

we all know that sound is important and that its imact on us goes far beyond the practical sensation of just hearing. an alarm, for instance, can trigger our fight or flight instincts in an instant. women are said to be attuned to the pitch of a baby’s cry (honestly, i read that somewhere!). an old ballad ringing out of the shopping centre sound system can rip you from reality and thrust you back into the teenage angsty memories of a long-lost love. it follows that the ability to bring sound to life in text is a valuable skill. starscraper99’s fractured bone poem is a particularly graphic sonic example.

however, if you’re looking to add to your descriptive abilities, the daily post also points out the wordpress features that enable you to upload sound to your blog. this got me thinking about how alien sounds can seem to us when heard without context or clues to their origin. so, for a bit of fun this late friday evening, can you guess what this sound is?

any ideas?

ok, so here’s the picture clue:

got it yet? 

no cheating by checking the tags now!

still no?

how about…i actually made the recording on my mobile whilst travelling at speed down a slide in carsten holler’s exhibit at the tate modern in 2007. i meant to film the ride, but had the ‘phone facing the wrong way, so it’s only good for the sound. oops.

i kept the video because it always makes me giggle. the recording you heard is the audio stripped of the blurry image of me flailing about.

did you guess anywhere near close?

and once you knew what the sound was, did it bring back any fun memories of your own? after all, what’s not to love about a slide?!

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10 thoughts on “friday fun: what’s in a sound?

  1. What fun! I did not guess–wasn’t even close!

  2. I thought it sounded like a crazy person laughing like a maniac… so yeah, brought back some memories, mainly of you!

  3. i to thought monkey at first but when i got the correct answer thought how lovelyand most people would think of the lovely sound of laughter and joy on a slide unless scared of heights

    • good to know i’m living up to my name!

      you make a good point. i hadn’t thought of the negative aspect; that someone with a fear of heights might find the trigger of a memory on a slide not so pleasant!!

  4. You sound a little like a monkey, but one having a lot of fun. I went down those slides when they were at the Tate Modern in London a few years ago and couldn’t help but scream, VERY loudly! Much less like I was having fun and more like I was in pain. Great idea to record it, love that its incorporated into you blog.

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