friday fun: brainwashed

hello friday!  it’s so lovely to see you!

it’s been one of those weeks i’m afraid… one of those utterly exhausting weeks of endless reading and prepping and rising before the sun to do daily and heart-wrenching battle with the family justice system. one of those weeks where the sleep deprived, emotionally wrung out devil on my shoulder asks for the zillionth time, “what else could you be doing with your life?” and the intrepid, idealistic warrior on my other shoulder has insufficient energy to mount a compelling rebuttal.

so, in absence of any sensible reflection on the part of my guiding spirits, i turn to the words of the arguably genius, possibly insane and definitely infamous mr brainwash

have a wonderful weekend and go find something fun to do because…

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6 thoughts on “friday fun: brainwashed

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Here here…..I’m with Phil…..

    Ljiljana x

  2. What else could you doing with your life? Other than turning the wheels of the finest legal system in the history of the world to preserve the sanctitiy and honour of the family unit? What more could you want?

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