counting down the days

well hello there! long time no blog!!

i’ve been away a while, focussing on my latest project: myself. i’ve been on somewhat of a dietary and training mission, but this is not a fitness blog (well, not yet anyways) and that is a subject for another day. 

the point i’m getting to, in a rather round about fashion, is that i’ve been so preoccupied, it wasn’t until a friend sent me the link to apartment therapy’s round up of diy advent calendars that i realised how slack i’ve been in my usually frenzied Christmas preparations!  it’s time to crack on with husband’s advent calendar. so, this is my diy version i’d like to share with you.

(what seems like) many years ago, i bought a stocking and sewed 25 squares of fabric cut from an old pair of trousers onto the back.  then every year, i make a puzzle for husband to complete during advent.

apart from the initial cost of the stocking, which has already given me more than my money’s worth, it costs next to nothing each year. it just calls for a little time and some imagination…

… and if you’re short on either, you could always simply cut up a picture you like from a magazine or off t’interwebs, a Christmas card or photo. 

this is last year’s puzzle, completed with relative ease:

this one’s an oldie that gave husband a bit of a headache!:

how do you count down the days to Christmas? 

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