about me

i like stuff, all sorts of stuff. except maybe capital letters.

i like art, design, baking, monkeys (especially monkeys… but not baking monkeys!), graffiti, tattoos, belly dancing, food, crafting (or ‘gluing&doing’ as my ma would say), diy, taking (mostly blurry) photos… so, like i said, i like stuff.

welcome to my world of stuff! pull up a pew, put on a brew and make yourself at home or… 

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2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Jeffrey greenwood on said:

    Hi Shell
    Looks good so far. I am having fun with my Children they are all fine. Also got the lend of a 50cc scooter for the time I am here. All the best from Jeff. I will be following your writings

    • ah thanks jeff! i’m just trying to get some content on here at the moment, so i’m working from old photos and there are some pretty dodgy ones in there. really have to improve the skills.

      have a wonderful time with your children and a safe (time on the bike and) journey home.

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