on the interwebs

when i’m not neck-deep in a project or blogging about being neck-deep in a project, i like to get out and about on the interwebs (don’t worry, i do also go to work and spend time with real live people occasionally). here’s where i’ve been recently…

still thrill

getting into an argument reasoned philosophical debate about the ethics of street photography (yes, i accept i could have been less of an arrogant arse about it).
click on the pic to read still thrill’s thought-provoking post about the application of j s mill’s utilitarianism to street photography and the heated debate that followed!
he takes a mean photo too. 

the kitchn

clinging on to 3rd place in the international division of the small cool kitchens contest.
click on the pic to see my entry or check out my post,
things are hotting up in the kitchen (contest)

apartment therapy

chipping holiday snaps for the sherwin-williams chip it! challenge.
click on the pic to see the photos selected (including both of mine; woo hoo!) 

got a comment? i do love a good natter...

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